Creative Services a la Cerf

Writing & Photography for small businesses and families in the Chicagoland area.


Creative Services a la Cerf caters to the writing and photography needs of small businesses and families throughout the Chicagoland area.

The company is owned and operated by Nathaniel Cerf. He started the company when he realized how many small businesses really need the services of an experienced writer but couldn’t either afford a full-time writer or had crucial short-term projects that couldn’t be completed on time in house.

Nathaniel has a master’s degree in journalism from The University of Montana. After working in newspapers for five years, he branched out into marketing/advertising copy writing. His three primary specialities as a writer are:

  1. maintaining a professional, yet conversational, voice,
  2. writing SEO (search engine optimization) keywords and phrases into web copy without getting too repetitious and
  3. writing in distinct and unique personalities and voices.

Past projects have successfully seen him write in character as an African-American soul diva, 70-year-old white midwestern country music fan, B-movie maven sex kitten and as a comedic pitch man.

His love of photography dates back to classes in high school, which he continued to take in grad. school.

Friendly and outgoing, Nathaniel has an aptitude for being where things are happening when photographing weddings and events. His love of animals and nature makes him a natural when photographing everything from pets to landscapes. He has had several photos published in newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune. He also has had several gallery showings of his nature photography.